Countdown to the NKOTB Cruise 2011

Saturday, November 29, 2008

All I want for Christmas........

With the holidays fast approaching everyone is making out their Christmas wish lists. I know that all I want is more NKOTB. I mean that honestly. It truely saddens me that the US part of the tour is over. I'm so excited for everyone "across the pond" will be able to enjoy them as much as we did over here in the States but it doesn't take the sadness away. I really feel depressed that they are not going to be here anymore. We were fortunate enough to see them in St. Paul, MN and meet them and sit in the 6th row, center stage. That night was the most amazing night of my life. In fact, that entire 4 days was completely wonderful! It will take a lot to even be in the same ballpark with that "girl trip!"

So, I've decided that all I want for Christmas is a ticket to London, fully paid with spending money to the Hammersmith Fan Appreciation show! *sigh* A girl can dream right? Ever get that feeling that something's missing?? Like you want something so bad and you can't have it? I really thought that would go away but it just hasn't. I still feel like I want more. How in the world is it possible that these feelings can flood back in after all these years? Nothing has changed. I'm still that giddy 16-year-old girl who fantasizes about these fabulous men, and I do mean men, that are so much more experienced now. I will tell you, Donnie just has a way with women. I can't get over it. At my M&G experience, he left me with wanting so much more. And Joey has a smile that can melt your clothes right off your body, EFFORTLESSLY! How is that possible????

And as for the rest of them, Danny's body just rocks. His pecs, abs, biceps, OH MY!!! and Jon with his shy smile and sweetness, and then there is hot, rock hard body Jordan with his black pants, white button up shirt and the fan. Oh that fabulous fan that blew his shirt open.........Okay, enough said on that one! You get my point!

Even back in the day when Chippendale Dancers were all the rage, they didn't even compare to these Boston boys! It's just not fair. I'm a grown woman with my own money and job. Why can't I go to London???? I wan't to go to LONDON!!!!!!!!! *kicking and screaming in a fit of tantrum*

Anyway....I guess I will settle for a summer tour. And by settle, I mean embrace it like I've never expected or wanted anything more. This next time around, I will make sure to "drink it up" and not waste a single second on anything other than NKOTB. I will go to more than 1 show and I will see them 5* more than 1 time. But I will tell you this, I will, no matter what, have first 10 row seats for every show I attend from now on. It's worth the money spent to me. Any die-hard NKOTB fan feels the same way I do, those who aren't, wouldn't understand.

Happy Holidays everyone. Hope you all get what you want for Christmas.

PS.....Anybody have the winning lottery numbers??

Hey All, Vanessa here! I only have one thing to say to this post by Kris, I 100% AGREE!!! I want to go to London also!! I have never wanted anything more!! I NEED more NKOTB!!! *SIGH*