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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Post-NKOTB Depression

You've heard the term several times when a woman has a baby. It's the baby blues, post-partum depression, you know what I mean.

I think I'm suffering from that right now but New Kids style! Let me first start off by saying......I honestly don't think that I will ever enjoy a musical group as much as NKOTB. That really goes without saying. They have never failed to put on an amazing show, even when I was a kid and didn't know what it meant to see an amazing show. But as an adult with a mind (and a checkbook) of my own, it's far easier to enjoy these guys. I went to the St. Paul show on October 21, 2008 and it was so phenomenal, there are no words. To go 5* VIP was even better. Not only getting to meet them in person and be able to contribute to the quest for 1 million hugs (and kisses) that Donnie has going on right now, but also getting the absolutely amazing "goody bag" with all the wonderful things in it that I actually use daily (I'm almost ashamed to admit that I sleep with the blanket every single night and I wash the coffee cup daily so I can keep using it.......) and the seats. Our seats were amazing. We were 6th row center and even though there was a girl who doubled me in height that sat directly in front of me (I can't say she was inconsiderate though, she really was nice about sitting down frequently and trying to give me as much viewing capacity as possible) they were still some amazing seats. These boys were so close to us. We could almost feel their breath on our faces. *dreamy sigh*.......

Anyway back to my original point......Everything about this concert was fabulous from the moment we started planning the trip to the moment we got back home. The whirlwind that is New Kids on the Block is just unimaginable.

I live 7 hours from the St. Paul/Minneapolis area so it was a 4 day excursion for me. My best friend flew in from Phoenix so she too had a long trip. I drove down on the 20th and met up with my best friend as well as some of the greatest new friends anyone could ever meet. We all went to dinner together, we shared a hotel room with two of them and are ever so grateful for that, they were so great to us. On the day of the show, we all got ready together, primped and chatted, we were giddy and silly and just downright nervous about meeting these guys but stoked nonetheless. We got to the venue on time and were directed into the check-in area provided by ILAA. Of course we checked our cameras and all that stuff then we received our goody bags. We were directed to the area where we could shop and bought our programs and were then escorted to the little room where we would be meeting them. They provided appetizers and drinks. Yep, you heard me. We got free drinks. They gave us free drink tickets and they also had a full-size bar with purchasable drinks as well. It was so neat. Our group was fortunate enough to have group A, which meant that we would be the first group to go in and meet NKOTB. Robo entered first and gave his speech about cameras and autographs and then in came the boys. They looked and smelled so wonderful and they were all smiles. I tell you, those guys really know how to work a crowd. Once they were in the room, Group A was told to go in after them. They were all very laid back and comfortable. Chatted with us like they were just another person. I realy thought I was going to have a hard time finding words but it didn't seem so difficult once I got in there. I saw Donnie first and walked up to him at the same time my friend Emily walked up. I wanted to give her the time with him so I started to walk away when Donnie put his arm around my neck and pulled me so close my lips were touching his neck. OMGosh, he smelled so wonderful. And he wasn't one of those that just hugged you and moved on, he really HUGGED. He held me there for what seemed like forever and then finally let go (to my dismay of course, that man could make a grown woman crazy without even trying!!!) I then moved on to Jordan who looked fabulous and was so nice. I gave him a quick hug then onto Joey.....sigh.....I love Joey!!!! He held my wrists out and read my shirt and then smiled and pulled me in for a really close hug and I don't mean a quick hug, I mean, he put his hands on my shoulders and just ran them slowly down my back and hugged me sooooooooooo tight. I they teach hot men to do that to women that love them??? Because I really think that their way with women is an art. LOL. Then onto Danny. Danny was wonderful.....He's the only one I actaully had a conversation with. He smiled so sweet and talked to me like I was his neighbor. It was great. So down to earth and sincere. About that time, they asked for us to get ready for pictures. I stood next to Danny and my best friend (who wanted to be near Donnie) got invited by Joey to do a "front row" with him. In our pictures, you can see her hand on his thigh! Sigh......she's so luck. We all were. Danny had his arm around my shoulder and all of us girls in Group A had the glazed donut look on our faces!!!! After pictures, they started trying to rush us out. Well I hadn't said hi to Jon yet but my friend Stacey was guarding him like a Rotweiler protecting a steak. (Love ya Stacey!) I finally got the chance to say hi to him and give him a hug too and like the rest, he didn't disappoint either! After that, I heard someone ask Donnie for a "Donnie kiss" and I said.......OH HELL YEAH!!!! So after her, I ask him, "Can I have a Donnie Kiss too?" Girls........I am telling you......this kiss that lasted all of 1/2 a second was one of the best kisses of my life. He gave me that smirky half grin that makes your clothes literally fall off of you without effort. He moved so slow and leand in so subtly that I thought I might pass out. When his lips touched mine, they were so soft. I swear that man must bathe in Vaseline because every part of his body that I touched felt like silk. And more than just the slow simple peck on the lips, he never blinked. He looked directly into my eyes and for that 1/2 a second, I felt like I was the only person in the room. OMGOSH!!!! Panty changing moments for sure!

The funniest part of this whole experience was before we all went into the room to meet them, it was very chatty with lots of conversation going on. But as each group of star-struck and awed women walked out of their photo experience, we all had that glazed over, shocked and amazed look on our face and none of us could really talk. There seemed to be a quiet among us. And it was then. After all was said and done that it hit me. I just kissed Donnie Wahlberg, I got a hug from every one of the New Kids on the Block, and I was one of the fortunate enough to get to say I met them and have a picture to prove it! All of the girls from my group kind of gathered into the corner and we all just became overwhelmed with emotion. Some of use cried at the sheer joy of it all, some of us just couldn't speak for a while, just trying to soak it all in, and some of us were just in a state of complete content shock.

We then move on to the concert where we had our amazing seats. It was incredible. Amazing.....there are no words to describe it.

Anyway, the next day, Janelle and Stacey went home. Vanessa and I walked around the Mall of America reliving the night before and thinking about going to the Milwaukee show which was 5 hours away but decided against it. (dumb....I tell ya, we should've gone.)
So the next day was Thursday and Vanessa had a flight to catch and I had a long drive home. So we parted early with a non-drawn out goodbye because neither of us wanted to cry about it! :) Even though we did anyway. Haha.

Now comes the post-NKOTB depression.

So I've been home now for 3 weeks and I just can't seem to get back into my life. I mean, I have a husband and 4 kids to care for, a full-time work-at-home job to tend to, a house to run, and the whole bit. But, I've been in this funk now for 3 weeks and I can't seem to get past it. I think part of the reason is because for 4 days in St. Paul, I got to be 15 again. I was able to revert back to a time when nothing else mattered. When life was not complicated. My biggest concern was what I was going to wear to school the next day. I am actually having withdrawals. I really know now that I should've gone to the Milwaukee show because 1 concert was simply not enough. I really do have a hard time putting into words the way I feel about it. No concert has ever touched me like this concert. These men have a uniqueness about them that is so special and untouchable. This reunion was so much more than a concert for me. It was more of a new beginning. I love that my husband disagrees but supports my NKOTB addiction. LOL.

They have to come back this summer. We absolutely have to go see them again. We have talked about going to Texas to see them but I'd be happy seeing them anywhere.
This is why I need to win the lottery. Because it makes it hard to follow them around the world as a groupie if I don't have any money!!!! LOL

Anybody else feel the same?


Anonymous said...

i have been to two shows already and felt the same way . know i'm going to my third show finally got the v.i.p tickets i am hoping my cravings for nkotb will go away so i can get back to my life . but then again do i really want them to go away lol . i think i need rehab lol .