Countdown to the NKOTB Cruise 2011

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Coming to the end....

The US part of this reunion tour is almost over and I am feeling very bummed out. I almost feel like I am having a "break-up" of sorts. I truly miss these guys and all the friends I made while in Minnie. I still, even after a month, can't get back into the swing of my life. I can't stop looking at pics and videos. I am sure Kris is really tired of hearing about it. Why? Why have these guys got such a hold on me? *SIGH* I guess I will wait for the announcement of the next tour and hopefully I can get back to reality soon.

Anyone feel the same way? Or am I the only crazy person out there?


Janelle and Stacey said...

I am right on that crazy train with ya girl.

Janelle and Stacey said...

Oh wait.....did I say train....I meant Tractor....I am all for a ride on that Tractor. ;)