Countdown to the NKOTB Cruise 2011

Friday, December 19, 2008

Donnie is the man..

I have a sweet story to share. Last night I was out with some friends having margaritas and one of them had just moved here from Detroit and shared this with us. A friend of hers is a big NKOTB fan and had VIP tickets to the show ( I believe it was the detriot show but I am not 100 percent sure). In any case, she ended up hurting her back really bad right before the show and had to have surgery. There was no way she was able to get there. The friends she had that were also going somehow managed to convince the secruity guards to let them take in a cell phone to the meet and greet. They told Donnie about thier friend and he said, "get her on the phone!" They called her and Donnie talked to her!!!

HOW COOL IS THAT?? He is always doing great things like that for the fans. In fact they all do great things like that. It is so great to see a group who truly and honestly love thier fans and show it. Not only do they show it in the awesome show they put on but by doing these type of things. Making the day of a fan who is missing a chance of a lifetime. I hope that in 2009 this fan gets her chance to meet Donnie in person. It will be well worth the wait!!!

Thank you to Donnie, Danny, Joe, Jon and Jordan for making us all feel loved and appreciated!! The feeling is 100% mutual!