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Sunday, January 25, 2009

NKOTB Scavenger Hunt Contest - Prizes Will Be AWARDED!

Welcome to the first edition of the NKOTB Scavenger Hunt Contest!!!!! We decided that it would be so much fun to start a contest for all of you OBSESSED, die-hard NKOTB fans. It will be complete with a grand prize winner AND induction into the NKOTB Obsession Hall of Fame!

This contest will work in 3 parts and each part will be 2 weeks long.

Part 1 - New Kids Pictures (Current only)

Part 2 - New Kids Videos (Current only)

Part 3 - New Kids Pics/Videos (Old school only)

Here's how it works. (Ya know, the rules and stuff)

Each part of the contest lasts 2 weeks long. We will give you a list of 10 things and you will need to be the first one to email us with all of the correct answers. (example: Part 1 will be pictures, so you'd need to send us all the pictures, part 2 will be videos so you'd need to send videos, and so on). The winner of each part will be featured on our blog. If you have a website, your site will be featured with links and photos. If you sell something, your business will be featured. Whatever you desire. We will spotlight your favorite New Kid(s) and tell your story. It's free advertising. We will also place a link on our blog to your page on the NKOTB forum! It is our way of showing our appreciation for your effort and participation in our obsession! :)


The first person to get all 3 parts will win the grand prize as well as be featured as a spotlight on our blog and made the first official inductee into the NKOTB Obsession Hall of Fame!!!!!!


Part 1: All of the clues will lead you to pictures regarding the current NKOTB reunion tour. Nothing old school. Everything you will need to find will be something recent and only pictures, no videos. You can find your pictures wherever you choose whether it be a google search or on the NKOTB Forum.

Part 2: All of the clues will lead you to videos regarding current NKOTB. No pictures, only video and nothing old school. Only new current stuff. Again, anything can be found anyway you like including google searches or on the NKOTB Forum.

Part 3: All of the clues will lead you to videos and pictures of old school NKOTB. Nothing current. Check the NKOTB Forum for these answers as well.


1. Find a picture of the guys wearing something other than their Celtics Jersey at a concert (This must be a pic of all 5 guys together.)

2. Find a picture of Joey wearing the pink shirt.

3. Find a picture of Jon with the Obama shirt.

4. Find a picture of Donnie without a ball cap on but with a hat on.

5. Find a picture of Jon giving Donnie a piggyback ride.

6. Find a picture of Joey with the smiley face jacket.

7. Find a picture of Danny doing a pose other than his arms crossed during the pose-off.

8. Find a picture of Donnie with the faux hawk.

9. Find a picture of all the guys doing the "grown man" grab!! (You know what we are talking about ladies.....This must be a picture of all of them together.)

10. Find a picture of Danny wearing a red shirt during a concert.

You will need to email your submissions to by February 9, 2009. (If you want technical, you have until 11:59 PM MST)

Remember, part 1 of this contest will run 2 weeks from Monday, January 26, 2009 to Monday, February 9, 2009 or until we receive all the answers. The first person to send in all 10 answers first wins round 1. So, get moving ladies! We can't wait to see what you all come up with!