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Monday, February 2, 2009

Birthday Party New Kids Style

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So this weekend, I drove 4 hours to Fargo, ND to meet up with Stacey so we could throw our friend Kris a surprise New Kids party. It was a success. She came over and was so surprised to see it decorated in classic 1990s style New Kids decor! LOL. We had a great time staying up and reminiscing about old NKOTB as well as new, sharing our stories, watching videos and of course, listening to NKOTB music. Everyone had a great time. The kids got along well and that's a good thing, considering there were 6 of them! The only one we just couldn't convert was Dave (Stacey's husband) and I'm pretty sure he thinks we are all nuts! Hahahaha. But that's okay. Carla showed up and hung out with us for most of the night too. It was great meeting her, she's not only a New Kids junkie too but she also follows the blog and I'm so glad I got the opportunity to meet her!

Anyway, I'd like to say thanks to Stacey for hosting the party. She opened up her house to the chaos that is myself and my children and I'm hoping that she will invite us back sometime! :) And Kris, thank you so much for lunch the next day and I hope you had a great time too. We definitely need to do it again. Carla, thanks so much for the 7-layer dip and chips. It was so good.

We missed Gerri, Janelle, Vanessa, Rebecca, and Lauren though, wish you all could have been there with us! Maybe next time!