Countdown to the NKOTB Cruise 2011

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

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Kimberly Griffin!! Congratulations!

Kim is 18 years old and lives in New Jersey. Her Birthday is April 20th. She loves to act and hopes to be an actress someday. Her first NKOTB concert was in Philly, PA November 2008. She is going to the Hersey, PA concert in March 2009 and will meet the guys as she is doing 5*. You will have the time of your life meeting the guys!!

Her favorite New Kid is DONNIE(good choice girl!:) Her favorite movie that Donnie was in is, Southie and her favorite TV show that he has done is Boomtown. Below are some of Kim's favorite pics of Donnie and a pic of her wearing an outfit she wore to her first NKOTB concert. You can visit Kim on myspace,

Thanks for playing Kim and Congrats again. Good luck in Round 2.