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Thursday, October 28, 2010

A day in the life of Mr. Wahlberg

I really don't know how Donnie does all that he does and does not just fall to the ground in pure exhaustion. His latest tweets are a glimpse into his busy life.

Couldn't tweet Tuesday... But if I coulda... I woulda told ya....

That I hopped a plane to Boston

A very small "La Bamba" kind of plane... Sooo fun.

I got in a cab and saw this on the screen..

Then I found this dude that nobody can ever find.

Then I helped build a playground with Tom Brady, Mr Kraft and the NE Patriots @ the Waltham Boys & Girls Club!

Then I changed hats and went to see my boys THE CELTICS kick Miami's a**!

The weather was a little too "La Bamba" afterwards so I drove back to NYC to work at 5am. A great day indeed!