Countdown to the NKOTB Cruise 2011

Friday, October 31, 2008

My NKOTB Story

My New Kids on the Block story starts back at my freshman year in high school. My best friend, Krystal and I were HUGE fans. We bought every teen magazine that had posters in them, we made scrapbooks of all the pics and information we could about them. I had my wedding to Donnie all planned out and she had her wedding to Jordan all planned. We listened to the "tapes" over and over again. There was one time we were spending some time up at my grandparents cabin in northern Arizona and we had a fight over some of the lyrics to, "I Remember When" on the Hangin' Tough CD. We attended two concerts, June 3, 1989 and September 16, 1990 and we ended up on the front page of the newspaper!!! (see photo)

So, it is now 2008 and we hear news of a NKOTB reunion!!!! WHOO HOO!!! I can't tell you how excited we were to hear about this. We were planning a trip to Vegas in June 2008 when we heard and I went online and bought the Hangin Tough CD so we could listen to it on the way!! After we got home from Vegas (she now lives in Minnesota) the New Kids hysteria set in. We bought tickets to the Minneapolis show on Oct. 21st the day they went on sale. We were stoked!! I bought the new CD, The Block, the day it went on sale and fell in love with it instantly! Then one day over Yahoo IM I ask Kris, "I keep seeing all this stuff about New Kids Meet and Greets and VIP tickets, How do we get some of those?" Next thing I know she is sending me info on I love all access 5* VIP tickets!! I thought,there is NO WAY my hubby is going to agree to this. I had just bought my plane ticket to MN and to ask him for VIP tickets would be crazy on my part!! Luckily, Kris had the guts to ask her hubby if she could purchase two VIP packages and I would pay them back!! HE SAID YES!!! WOW!! At that point we realized not only are we going to see them in concert, in the first 10 rows, but we are GOING TO MEET THEM!

I am sure you can imagine the conversations we had about what we were going to say to them. I tried for weeks to think of a intelligent question to ask each of them but could not come up with anything!! At some point we ended up members of the "community" on It is a 'myspace' for New Kids fans. We ended up meeting some wonderful people on that site that we hung out with while we were in MN. Stacey, Janelle, Kristin D, Gerri, Rebecca, Emily and Lauren. LOVE YOU ALL!!

This is the begining of my story, but not even close to the end!

To be continued........................