Countdown to the NKOTB Cruise 2011

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hi Ho Hi's off to Minnie I go........

Monday, October 20th, Super Shuttle arrives at my home in AZ at 4:30am to take me to the airport for a 6:30am flight to Minneapolis MN! I am tired and excited! Kris calls right as I enter the van and she is on the road to Minnie from Warrod, MN (mayberry). We should arrive around the same time. Getting there took forever, with a 2 hour layover in Chicago. Finally, at 3pm I arrive in Minnie and meet Kris, we head to Mall of America to meet Janelle and Stacey for the first time!! No awkwardness between us four, feels like we have been friends forever! We head to meet up with Kristin and Gerri! We hit it off right away with them also! So, after we chat for a few, figure out what to do for dinner and talk about our plan to activate STALKERFEST 2008 that night we head to our hotels.

Right as Kris and I are pulling into the parking garage at the Crowne Plaza Hotel we get a call from Stacey saying, actually, screaming, "WE FOUND TOUR BUSES!!!!" Kris speeds through the parking garage and heads towards the St.Paul Hotel. We go in circles trying to find a place to park but come up empty. Finally, Kris flirts with the valet at a restaurant across the street form the hotel and they valet her car. We find Janelle and Stacey to learn that Janelle is cancelling our reservation with Crowne Plaza and making one at the Saint Paul!!! She is nuts!!! hee hee. We never do confirm that the New Kids are staying in that hotel but man it was a nice hotel none the less. Thanks Janelle!!!

We head across the street to eat dinner and I think we may have just missed NKOTB eating there also. We are seated right next to a big room covered by a curtain and it looked like whoever was eating there just got done!!! DARN!!! We finish up dinner and Kris, Janelle, Stacey and I need to make a trip to Walgreen's for sign supplies. Stacey goes and asks the guy standing in the front of the hotel with the funny top hat, where there is a Walgreen's and he is just down right rude to her. Next thing we know we have a driver, WOOKIE!!! He offers to take us. We all hop into the town car and it was the funniest ride! On the way home Janelle decides to call our driver WINKY!!! OMG!! I have never laughed so hard in my life!!! After our crazy trip to Walgreen's we meet back up with Kristin and Gerri in the hotel bar. One 11.50 martini later we are in Kristin's car for the start of Stalkerfest 2008. Our plan is to hit every hotel in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and spot buses. We never did see buses but we did however, come face to face with a city bus and head down a one way street! Now, most people when they end up on a one way street, they automatically turn around to go the other way......NOT KRISTIN!!! She decides to keep going for about 2 more blocks!! YIKES!! I believe I saw my life flash before my eyes!! I remember saying, we can't die until tomorrow night AFTER the concert!! We do end up back at the hotel safe and sound and head to our room to make signs for the concert!

Now, Stalkerfest would not be complete without a trip to the penthouse...right?? Kris and I head to the top floor, but of course you have to have a special key. We go to the fitness room in hopes that one of them will be working out but no such luck. No New Kids for us that night! Bummer!

All the signs get made except for Stacey's but not to worry, it does get done before the concert! I decided to make a sign that said, "DONNIE FOR PRESIDENT." Little did I know that sign would be the best decision ever!!!

To be continued................