Countdown to the NKOTB Cruise 2011

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

One of the best days of my life......

Tuesday, October 21st 2008, TODAY IS THE DAY!!

We get up early to get to the arena to see if we can get a glimpse of the guys. I don't think I got more than an hour of sleep. Plus I ended up on the floor because Kris must of been dreaming of Joe!!! hee hee

We eat a nice breakfast in the cafe in the hotel and head to the arena. We are the only ones there! We see some buses parked but there is no one around. Kris and Janelle take off to go walk around to see if there is any other buses around. More fans show up and we are all just talking about the concert tonight. We are having a great time! After almost two hours of standing in one spot we decide to go get some coffee. Me, Kris, Janelle and Lauren head to Starbucks. As we are walking down the street we see a bus!! We walk past but can't see inside. We get our coffee and we get some info on Joe's bus. There is a sign on the door. So, we start walking back and we come upon another bus and there is the sign in the window!!! IT IS JOEY"S BUS!!!! For whatever strange reason we just keep walking by?? Why do we not try and get a glimpse of him? Why do we not hang around and wait to see if he comes out? Why do we not take a picture of the sign? WHO KNOWS!!! Instead we start walking back. When we get back, we decided it is time to go back to the hotel and get checked out and checked into the Crowne Plaza. After all we do need to help Stacey get her sign made. We give Lauren a number to call us just in case the guys show up!!

It is almost time to head to the arena and get the VIP Meet and Greet going. When we get to the arena and the waiting game starts, I start to feel very nervous. I don't think I have felt this nervous since I got married, 7 years ago. My stomach is in knots, I can't think. I feel like crying.

I think everyone was feeling a little like that, no one was really saying much.

Finally, time to line up. My stomach is now doing flips! We get in and check in our camera's, get our VIP passes, and goodie bags. We head to the merchandise table and both Kris and I get programs. We realize that we are Group A!!! Which means we are going to be the very first group in to see the guys!!! OMG!!!

We get into the room where we wait. I have a drink. Kris and I go to the bathroom and the second I walk into the bathroom I let out a scream! I couldn't help it. I had to get it out. Before we leave the bathroom, Kris and I let out one more scream!!! We get back to the room and my mom calls on my cell phone......every time I talk to my mom in a high emotional state, I will cry!! I get through the call with my mom with no tears. I start talking to Gerri about how this experience is not just about meeting new kids but about how Kris and I have come full circle and that I am here with her. That was it...the tears were flowing!!! Kris looks at me and her tears are flowing!!!

I collect myself and I hear Robo (the bodyguard) start talking about the rules n stuff. He asks that group A,B and C come line up. We get lined up and in come the guys!!! I can't see them very well but when I get a glimpse of them my legs turn to jello. Then Robo says, ok group A in you go!!

I walk into the room and all of a sudden it is like I can't see anyone else except for me and them. I see Jon first and give him a hug and ask how he is doing. I look to my left and there he is...Donnie. At this point all I remember was walking up to him and wrapping my arms around his waist and lay my head on his chest. I feel the tears coming on and I say, "Oh great here come the tears!" Donnie pulls me away from him and looks straight into my eyes. I have no feeling at this time....I ask him for a kiss and he leans in (just like a movie) still looking in my eyes and kisses me on the lips!!! So from this point on I only remember small things. I don't remember what I said to Donnie after the kiss, I do remember him looking at me and saying,"And a mighty fine kiss it was." I know someone was standing there with him and must have said something to him but I cannot remember who it was. This person also showed him the back of my shirt and he smiled and rubbed my shoulder. I moved on to Jordan and gave him a hug and then I hear...PICTURE TIME!!! I look for Donnie but there is already two people with him. I decide I will just squat down in front of him when I feel someone touch my arm and I look over, it is Joey he asks me if I would like to do a front row with him!!! UM.....YES!!!! So, we squat down together and he is messing with his shirt and says something and I laugh. They take the first pic and then a second. My hand was on Joey's thigh!!! hee hee. The pic is done and I get a hug from Joey and I head over to Danny and give him a hug. Then it was time to go. I wish I would have gone back over to Donnie and said more to him but I didn't. I left the room and headed back to our table. When everyone made it back we all started telling our stories. We all had the best time!!I sent a text to everyone saying, "I kissed Donnie!"

Group A Photo

Time for the concert!! We head to our seats!!

To be continued...........