Countdown to the NKOTB Cruise 2011

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Concert...

We head to our seats....6th row CENTER!!! Awesome seats...until.....the amazon women show up and sit right in front of Kris!!! I swear these women are at least 6 feet tall!!! UGH!!! Anyway, they were not going to ruin our night!!

I will just skip ahead to the start of NKOTB. The opening acts were some girl named Tina and Natasha Bedingfield. Not bad but bring on the "GROWN MEN" hee hee.

The show starts and Kris and I are snapping away with our camera's and screaming our heads off!! They guys look great and they sound amazing!!! I am in heaven. At some point Kris leaves and I see her walk in front of the stage, she comes back and has our signs. We did find out earlier that anyone who was not VIP had to throw out their signs. Bummer for them. Kris holds up her sign while Jon is panning the camera around the crowd and her sign gets up on the big screen!! EXCELLENT!!! I don't hold mine up because Donnie is not on the stage at this time.

Donnie comes out to sing "Cover Girl" and I flip up my sign right at the start and he points, winks and motions for me to bring it to the stage. I don't try and get it to the stage at that time. I don't know why....ok, so they do a few more songs and then they come out to do Step by Step and when they are at the edge of the stage taking a bow, I flip up the sign again and Donnie points at me and mouths, "I want that, bring it to me." I shake my head YES and try to head up to the front but oh no!!! There is a MEAN, MEAN security guard that say flat out NO! She will not let me pass!! UGH!!! They come out to do Hanging Tough and I know this is the last song so I head to the end of the row and wait for an opportunity to get the sign to the stage. As they are finishing the song I see Donnie motioning to the crowd, Who has the Sign? I hold it up and he again, says, "Bring it to me." I am dying inside saying, I AM TRYING!!!!! I attempted to go up there and am stopped again by the security guard!! All of a sudden a girl that was standing right behind the guard grabs my sign and takes it to the stage. Donnie grabs it and holds it up on stage!!! I am so excited and in complete tears!!! That made my night!!

This was by far the best concert I have ever been to. The guys do not disappoint!!

For the record, Janelle and Stacey's signs also got noticed by Jon and Donnie!! We all had a great night!!