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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ummm....A little respect please???

Picture this...How would you feel if you had some crazy stalker person following you around and watching your every move, then decided to show up at your place of business confessing that they had "done their research" to find you? Ummm...Can we say CREEPY????? This world can be a scary place as it is and when you are a celebrity and in the public eye, it must be even worse. There ARE crazy people "stalking" celebrities all the time and sometimes it just doesn't end up a pleasant situation. But aside from this extreme, it must just be EXTREMELY annoying to have to worry about someone popping up at your place of business while you are doing your job.

C'mon ladies, we are all grown ups here right? Our parents taught us respect and to use good manners. And even if our parents didn't teach us that, it's just plain common sense. Yes, we all love the New Kids and we are all very grateful for their return but if we want it to last, then we need to back off of them and let them have their "free" time. They have done more for us in the last year than any other celebrity/musical group that I know of as I am sure that you all know this too.

Tonight, while Jon Knight was working at his "day" job, some crazy fan snuck into one of the apartment buildings while he was showing it to a perspective tenant and proceeded to interrupt his business to let him know that they had found him. I'm not quite sure what result they were expecting, but judging by his reaction on Twitter, they sure as hell didn't get it. He is very angry right now, and justifiably so. It is quite possible that he may never tweet again and if he does, it certainly won't be the witty, fun loving, revealing information he has been known for in the past. It only takes one person to ruin it for ALL of the rest of us. Jon has EVERY right to be angry and if he doesn't tweet again, I would totally understand.

That being said, please ladies, give the man a little room. He's gone above and beyond for all of us so back off and show the man a little respect! He most definitely deserves it!

Jon, we want you to know that not all of us are crazy lunatics like the girl(s) that invaded your well deserved privacy tonight. Hope that this type of situation does not happen again. We really enjoy your tweets and hope you continue to keep in touch with us.

Thanks for listening!

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Shacoria Robinson said...

I would just say he's famous and that's the way it is sometimes, not that what the person did was okay, just that it happens to famous people all the time. That's just the way it is