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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I have a secret.....

So, I have a little secret that only Kris and maybe three other people know!!! When the concert was over I was feeling like I should have said more to Donnie. I knew I had more to say and I was kicking myself for not talking to him. One of the girls we met, Lauren, was going to two more shows and meet n greets in November. I asked her if she would deliver a letter to Donnie for me. She so graciously agreed. I wrote the letter and it was approved by Kris as not being "stalkerish" so I mailed it off to Lauren. At the Kansas City meet and greet she asked Donnie if he remembered my sign and he said yes. She then gave him the letter and said the girl who made that sign wanted you to have this. He took the letter!!

I don't know if he read the letter or not. I am going to believe that he did and it made him smile. I did leave my contact info in the letter "just in case" but was not expecting anything in return.

I have decided to keep the contents of the letter to myself (well, and Kris). SORRY!!!

Boy, what would I have done if I did get a response form him??? WOW!!!

Hey all, Krystal here. For the record (and just to add my 2 cents to this whole "letter" thing) it was good. She was super honest and said exactly how she felt in it. It wasn't over the top with "I love yous" or anything like that. It was well written and very mature and my favorite part of it was what she said about how he made her, as an individual woman, feel because it was true. He can make a woman feel like she is the most beautiful person in the room without saying a single, solitary word. It was awesome and not overdone! So.....I'm sure he read it and it put a smile on his face. :) (Honestly, I was really hoping she got some sort of response but just being able to say that she gave it to him will hopefully be enough closure. LOL)